BowenClarke is a business solutions firm that supplies management and project development guidance and as well as communications expertise for the private and public sectors. BowenClarke pioneers business development opportunities for enterprises on the frontier of international business and foreign policy. With regional expertise in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and Africa and with operations in Dubai and Washington DC, we have proven success with commercial, media, policy, and development clients.


Whispering Bell

Whispering Bell, headquartered in Dubai, has expanded its offerings across the region in support of oil and gas, critical national infrastructure, energy, telecommunications and government clients in complex and high-risk environments. The British and Arabic origins of our company have afforded us the flexibility and cross-cultural understanding necessary to develop long-term, sustainable solutions for our clients. Our vision is to provide integrated security risk management solutions to enable our clients to operate safely and securely in hostile or complex environments.