Our Vision

With head offices on three continents, Dunia Frontier Consultants provides financial consulting services to investors and companies operating on the frontiers of 21st century business. We understand that obtaining accurate, actionable information in these rapidly changing markets is challenging and time consuming. Dunia expertly handles these issues and enables you to focus on your core competencies: structuring and executing deals, and managing your investments.


Living and Working on the Frontier

At Dunia we believe in a hands-on approach. We live in the markets we cover, and we personally lay eyes on potential investments and meet with the players involved. A presence on the frontiers is essential to providing a holistic understanding of an investment, and is the key to how we add value to your venture.


Our Expertise

Our consultants and researchers have lived and worked in emerging markets throughout the world, and further extend their reach through a global network of partners. The people who make up the Dunia team combine entrepreneurialism, sound analysis and managerial experience with Fortune 500 companies.


Integrity & Customer Service

Dunia works with a small number of clients in order to provide them the highest level of service possible. We believe in the importance of matching our company with our clients to offer maximum value added. We also know that trust is incredibly important in all relationships, and we must maintain that trust by being honest brokers in all we do.