Egypt Protests

Egypt’s Banking Sector Revolution

Euromoney Magazine published an insightful article in September 2011 on how Egypt’s central bank and the heads of Egypt’s major banks staved off bank runs, preserved capital and prevented a collapse of the country’s financial sector — all while million-man street protests… Read More

Oil Derricks copy

IOCs in Syria Adjust to Sanctions, Violence

Due to EU sanctions, international oil companies operating in Syria are adjusting to new realities, as the Syrian government has demanded that they cut production. Meanwhile, the potential for violent unrest in northeastern Syria, a region that contains some of the country’s… Read More

Oil Export Infrastructure

Dunia’s Kurdish Oil Basket Play

Since early 2011, Dunia has produced a weekly Iraq market tracker that explores the Kurdish oil basket play for investors who want direct exposure to the enormous hydrocarbon opportunities available in Iraq. To view the archive of those reports, or to add… Read More

Iraq Water Treatment Plant

Dunia Publishes Anbar Field Guide for Investors

Dunia has produced a new report that provides an in-depth and up-to-date overview of political and tribal dynamics in the province.  We hope this report will provide those interested in entering the Anbar market an enhanced understanding of the operating environment, enabling them to… Read More

Money 2

Investors Discover Iraqi Equities

The Wall Street Journal dedicated significant ink to the Iraqi Stock Exchange in September, saying that fund managers who track the exchange estimate that share prices have risen about 15 percent in 2011, making the ISX “one of the world’s best-performing markets.”… Read More

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