Karbala Cement Factory

Global Cement Industry Looks to Iraqi Market

Cement manufacturers have largely weathered the recent global economic downturn, continuing a strong secular trend that has seen total international production more than double over the past 15 years to 3.5 billion tonnes per annum in 2012. While emerging markets in Asia… Read More

Doha Skyline

Doha, Amman Favored by MNCs as New Regional Hubs

The wave of political upheaval that has swept the Middle East and North Africa since early 2011 has had a major effect on business operations for most multinational corporations (MNCs) in the region. Many companies had ambitious expansion plans for markets like… Read More


Counterfeits, Parallel Trade Disrupt MENA Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry represents one of the strongest growth markets in the Middle East and North Africa over the next decade. Total pharmaceutical sales are expected to grow at a CAGR of around 15% in the next five years, with combined expenditure… Read More

West Gemini operating in West Africa

Recovering Offshore Drilling Boosts OSV Contractors

The last two years have not been good ones for companies that support offshore drilling. A sluggish global economy, shifting regulatory environments, and a major oversupply of ships created a down market for operators of offshore support vessels (OSVs). Environmental concerns raised… Read More

du mobile user

Telecoms Race to Satisfy Data Hungry Customers

The race is on among telecommunications firms to roll out modern 3G and 4G networks that can handle consumers’ seemingly insatiable demand for data services. Competition is fierce not only in the United States and Europe, but also in the Middle East,… Read More

Egypt Protests

Egypt’s Banking Sector Revolution

Euromoney Magazine published an insightful article in September 2011 on how Egypt’s central bank and the heads of Egypt’s major banks staved off bank runs, preserved capital and prevented a collapse of the country’s financial sector — all while million-man street protests… Read More

Oil Derricks copy

IOCs in Syria Adjust to Sanctions, Violence

Due to EU sanctions, international oil companies operating in Syria are adjusting to new realities, as the Syrian government has demanded that they cut production. Meanwhile, the potential for violent unrest in northeastern Syria, a region that contains some of the country’s… Read More

Oil Export Infrastructure

Dunia’s Kurdish Oil Basket Play

Since early 2011, Dunia has produced a weekly Iraq market tracker that explores the Kurdish oil basket play for investors who want direct exposure to the enormous hydrocarbon opportunities available in Iraq. To view the archive of those reports, or to add… Read More

Iraq Water Treatment Plant

Dunia Publishes Anbar Field Guide for Investors

Dunia has produced a new report that provides an in-depth and up-to-date overview of political and tribal dynamics in the province.  We hope this report will provide those interested in entering the Anbar market an enhanced understanding of the operating environment, enabling them to… Read More

Money 2

Investors Discover Iraqi Equities

The Wall Street Journal dedicated significant ink to the Iraqi Stock Exchange in September, saying that fund managers who track the exchange estimate that share prices have risen about 15 percent in 2011, making the ISX “one of the world’s best-performing markets.”… Read More