Dunia Entered Iraq in 2008

Dunia has performed dozens of due diligence and market surveys in the agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, logistics, and real estate sectors of Iraq. Dunia recently completed an in-depth survey of the upstream oil and gas sector, a number of surveys of the housing and real estate markets of non-Baghdad locals, and continues providing actionable insights on developments in the Ministry of Oil, its operating entities, and with comprehensive analyses of the on-the-ground situation surrounding the major oil fields under development. A detailed company overview, which includes descriptions of our previous work in Iraq, is available for download here.

Iraq “Investment Thesis”

Iraq’s economic infrastructure has been destroyed by more than 25 years of war and sanctions that began with the Iraq-Iran war in 1980. Iraq needs hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign capital in order to rebuild infrastructure and kick-start private sector growth. With its rapidly growing, predominantly young population and vast hydrocarbon resources, Iraq could experience near double-digit economic growth for decades to come.

There is no other country in the world with over 30 million people that has an investor-friendly political culture, has suffered decades of underinvestment, and has stable access to growing government revenues.

Exploring the Emerging Economy

As reported in Dunia’s 2011 Foreign Commercial Activity in Iraq (which is available free for download here), in 2011, foreign firms and investors reported $55.67 billion in investments, service contracts and other commercial activities across Iraq — an estimated 40.3 percent increase in total deal value over the previous year.

In addition to applying its traditional deal support services to the Iraqi market, Dunia has closely tracked the development of Iraq’s economy as it begins a lengthy reconstruction process. We produce daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports on political, economic and security developments in the country for our clients.

In 2011, Dunia began producing a weekly market tracker that provides valuations and detailed analysis of global public equities (i.e. non-ISX listed) that stand to benefit from Iraq’s oil and gas led reconstruction.

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