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Dunia Screenshot of our new websiteis very pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which was commissioned to celebrate the company’s four year anniversary. Our new Research Blog highlights Dunia’s achievements in key service areas and geographies, and provides our analysts’ original insight into economic and political developments across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Of particular interest to existing or potential clients may be the Products & Reports page, which allows users to purchase key reports directly from website.

Dunia 2011 Project Highlights

Dunia recently completed a survey of senior Egyptian banking sector executives that revealed continued optimism about the country’s long-run investment prospects, despite major uncertainty over its political outlook. The survey exposed key anxieties about the country’s current financial and macroeconomic outlook. However, as an opportunity for international investors, Egypt’s banking sector (like the country itself) remains very attractive as a long-run proposition. The country of 80 million is massively underbanked, with only around 8 million personal bank accounts and 1.2 million credit cards.

Dunia was retained by an international oil and gas services firm to create a comprehensive picture of the labor market of southern Iraq. Dunia hired, trained and then deployed 12 field teams of 35 people total to conduct town-by-town assessments of the skills, education and experience of engineers and skilled craftsmen throughout five provinces, within 300 kilometers of Basra City. Dunia compiled a database of over 40,000 data-points on 6,000 engineers and skilled craftsmen. We also prepared a 70-page analysis, including supply and demand projections, and wage and productivity modeling.

NEW Public Equities Research Notes

Since Market Tracker early 2011, Dunia has produced a weekly Iraq market tracker that explores the Kurdish oil basket play for investors who want direct exposure to the enormous hydrocarbon opportunities available in Iraq. Further, we minimize market and liquidity risks by identifying public equities trading on exchanges outside of Iraq. To view the archive of those reports, or to add your name to our mailing list, click here.

As a result of its long history of neglect, Iraqi oil represents one of the last chances for the global oil industry to find easy-to-extract, world-class virgin reserves. Further, we believe Kurdish oil provides a unique opportunity. Throughout the 2000s, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) independently licensed small, foreign, independent oil companies to explore in its territory. We have ended up focusing most of our discussion on four publicly-traded companies > DNO International, Gulf Keystone, Heritage Oil, and WesternZagros < which all have the vast majority of their near-term assessed resources residing in Kurdistan.

However, even as the oil sector develops in Iraq, our coverage has touched on other sectors that we believe will also benefit from what we believe will be an astonishing secular growth story in Iraq, and we expect our coverage to deepen in these areas, particularly oil services and infrastructure development. We hope our developing coverage can help illuminate what we believe are uniquely promising times in Iraq.

Dunia Welcomes New Employees

Bill Watts Bill Wattshas over 18 years experience developing corporate finance and business strategies across the finance and technology sectors. Among his many responsibilities at Dunia, Bill is the author of our weekly Iraq market tracker. Bill began his career working as a Wall Street analyst for Salomon Smith Barney, and subsequently went in-house with a technology client that was later acquired by Sun Microsystems, where he served as corporate strategy director. Since leaving Sun Microsystems, Bill has advised finance, internet, technology, textile, and petroleum and mineral resource companies on corporate finance transactions across the Middle East. Bill earned a BA in international relations from Stanford University, and an MSFS from Georgetown University.
Jared Levy Jared Levyhas extensive field experience in several countries in the Arab world. He has joined Dunia as an analyst in our Iraq practice group, and also serves as a field researcher across the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to working at Dunia, Jared worked in Iraq’s Anbar province as a political analyst for the US Department of Defense. He has also worked in journalism, writing articles on Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria that have appeared in such publications as the Asia Times, Australia.TO and Lebanon’s Daily Star. Additionally, he has worked in Washington DC as a translator and cultural consultant for several consulting firms operating in the Middle East. Jared holds a BA in Middle East Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Dunia offers financial consulting and economic research to investors and corporations operating in the world’s most challenging frontier markets.

  • PE and M&A deal support services
  • Deal sourcing and origination
  • Company/asset valuation
  • Market entry surveys
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Business development and logistics
  • Risk reporting and analysis


Posted on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 at 6:26 am