Saudi Pharmaceutical Sector Market Overview: 2015

Dunia has released a new report on the pharmaceuticals market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that will give readers a number of key insights:

  • Based on some 35 interviews with on-the-ground sources in Saudi Arabia, the report delves into the market structure, growth rates, leading players, and key high growth market segments
  • Dunia also met with more than 25 executives in the pharmaceuticals ecosystem in the country, including international suppliers and manufacturers, pharmaceuticals retail outlets, regulators, internal company managers, and wholesale distributors in order to generate a multi-dimensional view of the market's distribution channel and general sales infrastructure, from wholesalers to the top retailers nationwide.
  • Lastly, Dunia looks at the regulatory situation in Saudi Arabia and points out some of the key regulatory shifts that are expected to shape the competitive landscape there in the years to come.


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