MENA Hotspot Report


Amid increasing uncertainty across the Middle East and North Africa, Dunia Frontier Consultants and Whispering Bell are now offering three weekly publications focused on addressing the risks and opportunities in the following key markets:

    • Iraq – Security and political risk issues are once again top of mind, yet the Iraqi market continues to present very appealing business opportunities for companies, especially in oil and gas, security, construction, real estate, and retail. We provide a weekly note with a top level analysis of current events, a political and economic overview including recent deals, and an in-depth security analysis of week's issue areas and regions to avoid for USD 4,500 per quarter.


    • Libya – A weekly review of political and security trends in the holder of Africa’s largest proven oil reserves. We provide up to date analysis informed by years of experience managing corporate security and risks throughout the country. As an added bonus to our Libya subscribers only, customers can also opt in to our daily situation reports distributed seven days a week at no extra cost. This is a must have for regional security managers, reconstruction firms, international oil and gas companies, and others with business interests and assets in Libya all for USD 3,000 per quarter.


    • Syria – The ongoing conflict has become central to the security and political calculations of virtually all of its regional neighbors, with emerging security opportunities as well as longer term investment and business opportunities. We provide ongoing analysis of the security and political situation as it unfolds for USD 3,000 per quarter.

These reports are available to subscribers individually, or can also be purchased together as a bundle of all three reports for only USD 7,500 quarterly—a savings of USD 3,000!

In addition, if you purchase an annual subscription, of any of the reports, we will apply an additional 20% discount.

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